New Parent Coaching

Have you recently become a new mum or dad and maybe you are confused or overwhelmed with all the changes in this new reality? 

Hey there mama/papa, I know how becoming a parent, weather it is the first time or third can be so amazing but also really challenging and even difficult. I’ve been there too – the feeling of love and joy and overwhelm, tiredness and maybe a pinch of being all disconnected from the world all mixed into one. And maybe many other feelings too!

And this may become especially true when you are deciding to go back to work.

You may eagerly waiting to introduce your little one nursery and go off to reclaim your professional kingdom, or maybe you are hesitant and going “back” to who you were “before” feels like not an option anymore, and you are struggling to re-emagine the balance in this new chapter of your life.  

But what we know from research, the transition can frequently be challenging.

Some common issues are feeling like an imposter, not feeling motivated by previously loved job, feeling of loss of the professional purpose, huge stress or pressure to be 100% everywhere, struggling. with the work life balance that feels right, not to mention separation anxiety. 

Many things you were confident with before seems like a new and strange task for you today. 

This may be a time where re-evaluation of who you are may come helpful. A coach may be a right partner, to get more in-tuned with the “new you” and help you to step into this new chapter more purposefully, confidently and in-synch with who you truly are.

Do you know that in the latest UK studies, only three out of every four mothers go back to the workplace after giving birth? This, compared to more than 90% of new fathers who go back to work after their children are born. Experts suggest that this may be because many new moms feel unconfident in their abilities to become productive members of society after their children are born, but some dads are affected too.

If you are intrigued and would like to have to have a chat to see if coaching can be beneficial for you use “book an appointment” tab on this website to schedule a call with me.

See you soon, mama/papa.

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