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Our purpose is to support sustainability and holistic well-being by helping individuals, teams, and organizations become more courageous, intentional and effective at making positive change.

“I have just found a new, very ambitious job and director’s position.”

Tom C.

“Everything I have achieved in business over the last decade has been built around creating innovative learning journeys that allow people to grow and shine.

It’s not always easy. Transforming individuals through change is a two-way street requiring absolute trust and buy-in from each side. For me, it is about building confidence and courage. I want the people I work with to become risk-takers, conscious leaders and lovers of life. My approach to my work is naturally holistic – I try to cover all aspects of a client’s life to drive the changes that might be required to achieve the most positive outcomes.

I believe that everyone has a talent, a calling, something that simply makes them tick. It may be more than one „thing” but we all have that something. My calling here is to help people to find what it is and honour it. We find their purpose and get in the position when they do something that has a meaning to them.

I don’t believe you should strive or push yourself just for the sake of it. You should do it because you love the way it makes you feel, and doing something you love is never a chore. I should add at this point that I am not a tree-hugger(!) My main philosophy is incredibly simple: If you are doing what makes you happy, it will lift everything else in your life.”

Joanna Hunek
Dare Coaching Founder


Direct, Passionate, Energetic, Fun

Joanna has a background in learning and development, training and talent. For the majority of her career, she worked in various international teams at a Cisco Systems where she was involved in a range of development programmes spanning from leadership development, sales enablement, soft skills training, to onboarding and many others. Driving enablement in IT sector has put Joanna in a forefront of tackling business transformation, digitisation, smart, virtual and flexible approach as well as dealing with an ongoing change.

Joanna has trained at some of the world’s leading coaching schools, such as the Coaches Training Institute, the Centre for Right Relationship, Firework Coaching Company and The Leadership Circle. She holds a BS in Geography, an MA in International Event Management and a level 7 Cert in Human Resource Development (with CIPD).

On a personal level, Joanna likes to run and cycle, windsurf and occasionally compete in triathlons.

Coaching Credentials:

Areas of coaching:
Leadership Coaching, Life and Career Coaching, Team Coaching



Enthusiastic, caring, driven, insightful

Before becoming a coach, Duncan spent more than 20 years working in marketing communications, mostly in senior client services roles on global accounts or pan-European accounts, on brands such as Renault, Visa, Ballantine’s, Kahlúa, BT, Sky and Chivas Regal. He held senior leadership positions on multi £millions accounts, managing and motivating large teams.

While he enjoyed those years, he’s thrilled to have found real purpose as a coach, helping leaders and teams see fresh possibilities, and unlock their potential.

Duncan has trained at some of the world’s leading coaching schools, such as the Coaches Training Institute, the Centre for Right Relationship (ORSC), Team Coaching International, The Leadership Circle and Firework Coaching Company. He also holds a BA in Fine Art, various marketing qualifications, and an MBA. When not working, Duncan enjoys running (three times a week), theatre, films, gorgeous food, traveling and drawing.

Coaching Credentials:

Areas of coaching:
Leadership Coaching, Team Coaching and Career Coaching


Passionate, grounded, bold

Prior to moving into executive coaching, Zana had a 10+year career experience including corporate communications and marketing and sales director roles in oil & gas industry and pharmaceutical industry.

Zana has trained with the Coaches Training Institute in London, Centre for Right Relationship (ORSC) and is certified in the Leadership Circle Profile™ (TLCP). She also holds a BA in English and Italian, an MBA, and an MA in International Business Administration.

Coaching Credentials:

Areas of coaching:
Leadership Coaching, Team Coaching and Career Coaching

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