What is coaching?

Coaching allows you to meet the one person in your life who can change it for the better: YOU. A personal development coach helps you identify your starting point, assess your goals, reach them, and be empowered for life by helping you clarify your dreams and then celebrating milestones. The goal of each session is to inspire you to learn more about you, gain new insights and implement them; so that you are driving your life, rather than being driven by it.

For more information about coaching and how it can help you, you can read my blog post What is coaching.

Is Coaching the same as Therapy? 

Therapy tends to focus on the past, while coaching emphasizes the present and the future. Typically, those who go to therapy need to address a certain trauma in their childhood because it is impacting their quality of life. In coaching, however, you enter each session with the goal of a brighter, stronger tomorrow. 

How is coaching different from mentoring?

A mentor is typically someone more experienced than you in the same business/environment who helps you achieve greater heights, for example in your career. While this can be addressed in coaching (and definitely there are certain aspects that intersect with coaching), a personal development coach does not necessarily have to be senior to you nor work in the same line of business. Instead, coaching takes a broader look at personal development and the coach helps you to become a person capable of doing/being what is desired rather then pointing at the solution

What types of people hire a coach? 

People from all walks of life can benefit from coaching, but it is particularly recommended for those who want to improve their lives or reach a higher level of personal success. Or perhaps when you are at a turn of life and you want to re-evaluate and create a new chapter. Also, anyone who simply wants extra space to reflect with a guide, support, and someone holding accountability.

Still on the fence? You can get the most out of coaching if you are looking for these things: 

  1. An honest and objective mirror to make sense of personal doubts and thoughts;
  2. A feedback mechanism that will hold you accountable for your actions; and 
  3. A non-judgmental space to discuss various topics. 

How often will I meet my life coach?

It really depends on what your goal for the program is. Typically, clients work with me for a few months, with one to two sessions per month, before any major change is noticed. 

There is no cut-and-paste answer to this, however, as each person is different and learns differently. Still, I want you to get the most out of your coaching so please feel free to let me know if you would want a longer program or a shorter one depending on your needs. 

Where will I meet my life coach? 

Zoom is my preference. But I am open to any other platform if you schedule it with me at least a few days before your intended date. 

What happens once I book a chemistry call?

We meet for 30 minutes to see how we interact with each other. Our goal is to make sure you are comfortable talking to us and are willing to work with a developmental coach. You do not have to prepare anything – just be your true, authentic self and enjoy the conversation. 

What are my payment options?

How can I find the right coach for me? 

Coaching is most effective when the relationship between you and the coach is strong. This means finding someone whom you find personally credible, authentic, and empathetic. Someone who “gets” you but can offer an objective perspective on things and also challenge you.

One of the best ways to achieve this is through our 30-minute chemistry call which you can book [here]. 

Why should I work with a certified career coach?

A certified career coach has formalized training on how to help you achieve your dreams using psychological and neuroscientific strategies. Coaches accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) have completed stringent education and experience requirements and have demonstrated a strong commitment to excellence in coaching.

Unfortunately, many coaches can call themselves such without the proper credentials. Anyone who thinks they can help another person may pose as a “coach” but may inadvertently guide you towards the wrong path. 

This is important for you because you deserve to work with a trained professional who will help you achieve your goals and meet any obstacles with grace and confidence. For more information, I encourage you to check out https://coachingfederation.org/mentor-coaching 

How will I know that coaching is working for me?

At the end of each coaching session, you are asked whether you’ve learned something new about yourself and/or gained clarity on your specific situation. While significant changes should not be expected after each session, there should be slight progress every time we meet. You should feel like you’re connecting the dots and gaining a new awareness of yourself. The big change happens between the sessions when you actually practice, notice, and percolate on new insights.

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