Career and life coaching

Go beyond your limits and achieve your goals!

Our purpose is to help you become more courageous, intentional and effective in support of your development and holistic well-being.

  • Claim your:
  • direction
  • professional fulfilment
  • confidence
  • resilience
  • emotional well-being
  • healthier relationships
  • life purpose

"I was challenged, taken out of my comfort zone and driven to better understand myself and my values."

Lee I.

We are direct and fun

Our coaches are equipped with multiple tools and methodologies to comprehensibly support your development needs. Moreover we promise to be direct and fun. You can expect to be challenged and supported, get straight talk and honest feedback. All that in a casual, friendly and light atmosphere that we think will help you to grow even more effectively.

Purpose driven

At Dare we all care about what we do. We are passionate about personal development, helping our clients to find fulfilment and have a positive impact in the world. Our aim is to do the work that contributes to the well-being of communities, leads to happier lives and support conscious change and sustainability for all.

Smart and flexible

At Dare Coaching we make the most of the modern technology. We connect with our clients via virtual platforms that allows great flexibility and saves everyone a lot of commute time. We work with "on the go" tools and communication, all supporting resources and materials are shared virtually and are accessible from any device, any place. Convenient AND sustainable.

Our Career and Life Coaching Programmes

Love your Career

Career Coaching Programme

8-15 Sessions, 4-5 Months

  • Career direction
  • Career change
  • Career advancement/promotion
  • Areas of professional strengths
  • Personal branding
  • Performance
  • Improving relations at work
  • Professional development
  • Networking and job search strategies
  • Interview prep
Daring Life

Life Coaching Programme

8-15 Sessions, 4-5 Months

  • Confidence issues
  • Personal branding
  • Work/life balance
  • Difficult relations
  • Managing life transitions
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Personal motivation and drive
  • Coaching for Coaches
  • Relationships

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Why clients choose to work with Dare Coaching:

All our life and career coaches are fully certified and trained at top coaching academies
Energy, Passion, No-nonsense and Results Orientation
Flexible schedules and timing
Cloud based collaboration tools with easy access on the go
Packages and programmes that are fully customised to your needs
Evidence based frameworks and programmes that work
Easy PayPal payments and handy Direct Debit instalments

Connection via computer or mobile devices. Skype/Zoom

Flexible schedule

Any location

We accept PayPal and handy Direct Debit instalments

Your personal journey to self-awareness and whole-person development

Our career and life coaching sessions for individuals are built around creating a personal transformation programme that enhances all elements of your life. Your coach will provide you with an open and honest dialogue, help you see the bigger picture and create a plan and structure to move forward.

"Your coach will work with you to help you find time to fit the sessions into your lifestyle - no matter how busy you are. I enjoyed the mixture of face to face and skype sessions, as this saved me time and both were equally useful. If you want to learn more about yourself and how to discover your true potential, I cannot recommend Dare Coaching highly enough."



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