How does it work

So you’re thinking of hiring a development coach? I know that this might be a scary decision, but you’re braver than you know, stronger than you think, and more awesome than you ever thought possible. If you’re wondering how all of this works, I just ask you to be BRAVE. 

Be comfortable with what you read on this website. Does it align with your values? Would you be willing to share your story and life goals with a professional coach? 

Ready yourself for a chemistry call. This is a FREE 30-minute call that determines if we’re the right fit for one another. My goal is to ensure that you’re comfortable working with me. You don’t need to prepare anything. Just be open-minded on the call and be honest with me about your expectations and objectives. 

Accept the journey. If you’re happy with our call and feel that we can work together seamlessly, then please send me a confirmation email to commence your personal development journey. 

View our package. Here, I’ll send you the package, documents, and everything you need to start. 

Express yourself. Now we go to our 90-min discovery session where we’ll discuss your goals, how we can achieve them, and how to meet challenges with confidence in the future. This is also where we’ll talk about how long your personal journey with me will be. Typically, a full course would take several weeks to complete.

Let's talk

Schedule a free consultation to chat about your needs and how we can help you.