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Let us help you go beyond your limits and achieve your life goals.

On average we spend a combined 10 years of our life at work, non-stop. That is a lot of our awake time. Accordingly to Gallup, 70% of workers are not satisfied with their jobs. That means that majority of us spend most of our life doing something we are not happy with.

"I feel much more confident, positive and aware of my purpose."

Nuna M.

"Proper attitude and believing in ourselves open the door to anything we dream of."

Tom C.

"Joanna is a formidable coach, tenacious yet gentle, able to help her clients reach awareness and insight."

Karl B.

Are you ready to make a change?

Within career coaching you can work on areas like:
Career direction
Job change
Personal branding
Dealing with redundancy
Interview preparation
Starting a new business venture
Improving relations at work

Whether you are seeking a full swing career change or perhaps some smaller tweaks and adjustements at Dare Coaching we will have a program to suit your needs.

For career changers and anyone seeking a new professional direction we offer a structured programme, build around an evidence-based framework of Firework Career Coaching that will help you find out what your dream shift could be and how to get there.

The programme is holistic and evokes a deep personal discovery which lays ground to the further process of generating possibilities that will align with your personal values, beliefs and preferences.

The aim is to create a plan that will take you towards a career that is fulfilling, honours your purpose what is important to you, makes sense for you as a person and isn’t just a means of getting sufficient funds to pay your bills. It will not be easy and it will require a lot of your effort and commitment. With a help of a skilled coach though, you will be best positioned for creating and making your dream career a reality.

 Programme length:
10 - 14 sessions
Skype/Zoom, bi-weekly
 Time scale:
around 4-5 months to complete

The exact length, frequency and number of sessions will depend on your personal situation though. So whether you are based in the big city or in the middle of a wild countryside all you will need to participate is your computer and a decent internet connection. No commute, no extra time in traffic or in a crowded train - that time will be yours to work on your new fulfilling career.

Career Change structured programme consists of three phases.

Gives individuals a thorough understanding of who they are and what they want from their work and their life as a whole.

Enables individuals to generate new career possibilities in innovative ways.

Takes individuals through creating an action plan, so thath they can see a clear route from their current postition to the choice they have made.

Why clients choose to work with Dare Coaching:

All coaches are fully certified and trained at top coaching academies
New ideas
A realistic plan
Strengths review
Evidence-based framework
Support and motivation
Can’t attitude
Structured approach


Our career and life coaching sessions for individuals are built around creating a personal transformation programme that enhances all elements of your life. Your coach will provide you with an open and honest dialogue, help you see the bigger picture and create a plan and structure to move forward.


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