Having worked in Learning and Development in a corporate environment, one of our biggest passions is getting to know a team of people and addressing team dynamic issues, shared culture, development gaps and training needs, both individually and collectively.

Our Business services

We work with businesses of all sizes and specialise in two areas:

  • developing the leaders of the future,
  • working with systems and teams.

Our work with organisations help their staff be more purposeful, self-aware, positive and. courageous. This also helps employees and whole teams to have an intentional impact and go that extra mile.

Executive and Leadership Development

Execultive Coaching

We offer coaching services around leadership development, advanced personal growth and professional development, career management and developing better skills for driving change and managing relations. We also specialise in Developing Millennial Leaders and Leaders working with millennial teams.

Our coaching process is challenging, honest and, above all, authentic. We want our clients to become fulfilled, empathetic, inspirational figures who can not only influence business success but lift the culture of their entire organisation and drive an intentional positive impact in the world.

Leadership Development

We work with individual leaders as well as with whole organisations in area of leadership development. We offer a:

  • 1-2-1 programme that can be taken by either one or more leaders within the organisation, See our Dare to inspire Leadership Programme,
  • team focused Leadership Culture, for whole teams (boards or senior management teams)
  • Leadership Development workshops - bespoke, experiental learning workshops which support individuals and teams in growing their leadership competencies, understanding of concepts and theories that support the learning.

For more information please contact us or set an appointment.

Teams and Systems Facilitation

Our partners are ones of only a handful of dedicated, professional system and team coaches operating in the UK. Using tools and techniques based in RSI™ (Relationship Systems Intelligence), Alchemy Co-Facilitation and Co-Active Coaching™ we work with a range of teams and systems to tackle issues like:

  • Ineffective or toxic communication
  • Low team morale or burnout
  • Conflict avoidance and non-resolution
  • Lack of creativity and productivity
  • Confusion about roles on a team
  • Upcoming change, need for change.
  • Clash of few generations in the organisation
  • Difficulties with embracing Millennials in the workforce

What are the examples of benefits?

Bringing fresh ideas from younger levels in the organisation
Creating an empowered learning and innovation culture
Improving employer brand
Improved communication and engagement
A better and more intentional partnerships internally and externally
Smoother and more effective change, driving change from within
Better positioned to handle conflict
Opportunity to innovate and develop new ways of working
Increased overall productivity and effectiveness
Improved customer, stakeholder and customer relations
stronger connection with organisation's purpose, values and culture

"Not only do I now think that I am a more effective leader, but my personal time is so much rewarding."

Lee I.

"Joanna is a formidable professional, very insightful, and it was a real pleasure working with her."

Nuna M.

"Joanna kept me focused and provided me with tools and strategies to let me shine through the interview processes."

Peter F.


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