Daring life

Personal journeys to self-awareness and whole-person development

"I feel much more confident, positive and aware of my purpose."

Nuna M.

"I have taken more value from 12 coaching sessions than I ever thought possible."

Lee I.

"I have just found a new, very ambitious job and director’s position.""

Tom C.

This is our coaching programme which is best suited for clients who would like to improve their life holistically, have more fulfilling life, led in a conscious way, grow self-awareness and improve their relations with others.

Within our Daring life you can work on areas like:

Confidence and self-believe
Work-life balance
Overal satisfaction in life
Personal management and effectiveness
Changing habits
Well-being and fitness
Well-being and fitness

Co-Active coaching is an experience like no other types of coaching. It leaves the client feeling powerfully empowered, creative and confident.


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